Below are the permanent residents in my home, listed in the order they came to me. Except for Shamu, all my cats have their claws. Shamu came to me de-clawed.

Minoo, Queen Of The Isle (moved in December 2000; passed over to Rainbow Bridge July 2010)
Also known as Daddy's Girl
Minoo, my first cat, came into my life December 2000. I had been thinking about getting a cat and had been researching a couple of breeds on the internet.  My friend Joanna knew I was thinking about getting a cat and put me in touch with her friend Sue from the Animal Rescue Foundation.  Sue had a sweet gray tabby who had been given up by her owner about a month before.   I took my friend Arlene, who originally suggested getting a cat, went with me. Minoo didn't show well. She stayed in the back of her cage and looked         depressed. Sue said she was very sweet, gave kisses, and was the 'perfect cat' according to her previous guardian. Sue said Minoo was a little depressed from being in the cage so long. I was tempted by a silver tiger kitten, but Arlene threatened to break both my arms if I took the kitten instead.  I took Arlene's advise and had Sue bring Minoo over the next day, giving me time to acquire a litter box, food, cat toys, etc.

I was warned that often a cat will hide when going to a new home and I may not see much of Minoo for a         couple of days. Not so with Minoo. She immediately started rubbing up against the furniture and walls. She jumped up in my lap about two hours later and slept with me that night. She would greet me at the door when I came home with a stream of meows. I figured she was chastising me for leaving her alone all day. She would precede me into the bedroom and hop up on the bed near the edge. She trained me that I was to pet her when she sat there. I later found out that Minoo means 'little kitten' in French. Minoo has brought me much love. 

As other cats have come into my life, both permanent residents and house guests, Minoo has kept her spot on the bed as the one nearest me. She has had to gently make the rules clear from time to time to the         others.

Princess Belle (moved in February  2001, passed over to Rainbow Bridge July 2005)
I got Belle to keep Minoo company. It took six weeks for Minoo to accept her. However, Belle, being a kitten, wanted to play and Minoo didn't. That led to Merlin       

Prince Merlin, Lord of the Chase (moved in June 2001)
I have friends with twin boy and girl children who were about 2 1/2 at the time. I call them my niece and nephew wanna' be. They aren't  actual family, but I treat them like it. The loved Minoo and she let them pet her when they first started coming over. At first they were quiet, then after a while they came into the house calling MINOO! as loud as they could. Well, Minoo started hiding from the noise. So when I started looking for cat number three I wanted one who would be good with the kids as well as playing with Belle. I also wanted a black one. When I told this to the folks from Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF  she said 'you need one of Caryn's kittens. Caryn had three kittens that came through a vet's office. They were brought into the vet by someone who found them when they were about 3-4 days old. Caryn had bottle fed them and they had been around lots of kids. I went over to Caryn's to see them and instantly took to one that came over and started licking me. Caryn also had a golden retriever that would play with the kittens and I think it rubbed of on them. I had to wait until he was old enough to be neutered. He had a silver undercoat and little cape. I named him Merlin. Merlin is a longhair cat.

Merlin was fearless. He would jump from great distances onto me while I was watching TV. He also followed  me around. I have to look down before moving. If I stand still for a moment he is likely to be right at my feet. One day I was sitting and he brought me one of his little toys and dropped it in my lap. He then started looking around. On a hunch I tossed the toy, and ZOOM, off he went after it and returned it. He had taught me to play fetch. Merlin also greets me at the door, rolls over and wants his tummy rubbed. I found out that Caryn had bottle fed him while checking her e-mail. Now when I first go to the computer Merlin wants to be held like a baby and have his nose rubbed. He then goes to sleep. He also cries if I'm on the other side of a closed door from him. I have found him stretched out on the bed with Minoo and Belle grooming him, what a life.  

Merlin is of the opinion that if  you came to his house, you must have come to play with him. This works out great with my friend's twins. He loves to play with them. Every once in a while he will disappear for 10-15 minutes when they are extra noisy, but then he is right back. This trait also causes him to instantly be friends with the cat house guests.

Merlin earned his title of Lord of  the Chase because he will chase down anything I throw. All I have to         call his name, show it to him and toss it, and BAM, off he goes and usually brings it back so we can continue the play.

Sir Shamu, Seneschal*         (moved in April 2002, passed over to Rainbow Bridge June 2011)
 My friend Joanna called me. She had a friend who had gotten two cats from someone who could no longer    physically take car of them. A 15lb male tuxedo and a 7lb female Siamese.  After having the cats for about 4-6 weeks the male started going outside of the litter box. The first owner said this had never happened, so the     cat was taken to the vet and treated for a urinary tract infection, even though the vet couldn't get a urine sample. No good, he was still being a 'bad boy'. Joanna begged me to take the cat to see if I could help         him. I was reluctant. Joanna said her friend was going to take him to animal control, which meant he would be put down. Joanna asked me to at least look at the cat, which I agreed to do. I went over to see Sylvester, as he was called then, and couldn't leave him to his fate at animal control with out trying. I have tile in most of my house so it would be easier to clean if I had to. I brought him home, showed him the litter box and crossed my fingers. In the morning there weren't any messes in the house. I took him to my vet a couple of days later and she fell in love with him. He reminds you of a big huggable teddy bear. I talked to the last owner and found out she wasn't home much and the little female cat was picking on him. We suspected that his problem was     lack of attention coupled with being picked on. He is very gentle.  'Sylvester' went up to Petsmart a couple times to be adopted. 

On his first visit to the vet to be tested for FIV/FeLV the vet said 'He is one cool cat'. That continues to be the most common comment of visitors and all the vets he has seen since. He is a Cool Cat.

Then one day I decided he should be a part of the family. I told my little 3 1/2 yr old niece 'wanna be'  about him. She said Sylvester was a bad kitty because he chased Tweety Bird. Obviously, he needed a new name if he was to join the family.  We had recently gone to Sea World and considering that he is 15 lbs. and a tuxedo cat Shamu seemed a perfect name. 

Shamu likes to get up on the kitchen cabinets to nap or watch things. I figured he could keep and eye on things and made him seneschal.  He loves attention and will come over and squeak when he wants to be petted. Minoo has allowed him to sleep up by the pillows as long as there is room for her between Shamu and me. Shamu came to me de-clawed.

In the Autumn of 2004 Shamu started getting under the covers and snuggling. He softly meows and puts his paws on the side of the bed. I lift the covers and he jumps up, walks down, turns around and comes back to settle in with his head out from the covers and cuddled up to me. At times Minoo will come and settle in on top of him to remind him that she gets the spot next to me if she wants it.

After I moved in with my brother, he commented that Shamu reminded him of a retired fighter pilot that hangs out at the Officer's Club overseeing the young pilots and telling war stories.

* sen•e•schal
  Pronunciation: (sen'u-shul), —n.
  An officer having full charge of domestic arrangements, ceremonies, the administration of justice, etc., in the household of a medieval prince or dignitary; steward.

Princess Cinderella         (moved in Oct 30,2002)
I thought a white Turkish Angora would make  a nice complement to Merlin. So I started searching the internet for Turkish Angora (TA) breeders. TAs are the 'street cat' of Istanbul and considered the national cat of Turkey. They are a very old breed.  I found one in Virginia who had brought back cats from Turkey when her husband was stationed there with the Air Force. I made arrangements to pick up a kitten. When I arrived, my first choice, a odd-eyed white female hid from me and the breeder. However a very cute little blue eyed white girl started playing with my shoe laces  and trying to climb my pant leg. The breeder had told me before I arrived that the blue eyed girl was deaf. However I couldn't resist her.  She cried for the first hour in the car on the trip back to Orlando, FL. before going to sleep. 

After arriving home my 'niece wanna be', Shayna helped me name her. Being a big Disney princess fan she named her Cinderella. She was at home and playing with the other cats within a couple of days. She  sometimes gets startled by them because she can't hear them coming and will run or hiss. Cinderella is very loving and I have seen her giving 'kisses' to all the other cats. She loves to be held (when she isn't busy playing) and have her ears rubbed and chin stroked.  

She is also known as DID, Devil In Disguise, because she is a little mischief maker. I used to put my watch, ring, cell phone and pager on the top of my chest of drawers at night. None of the others, or any of the fosters bothered them. Some would get up there and look and  that was it. When she was big enough to get up there she started pushing them off. I was in the room and intervened after she pushed the pager off. She also hid my car keys, so they go in a drawer in the kitchen, not on the table by the garage door. But I can't stay mad at her. She is almost always cuddled by me in bed when I wake and gives me 'kisses'.

Cinderella didn't take well to the move to Maryland and started picking on all the other cats. My brother's ex-wife, Karen, was talking about getting a cat and we offered her Cinderella with the understanding she could come back if it didn't work out. Cinderella is now very happy being the only cat and getting all the attention. It did take a couple of incidents for Karen to believe I wasn't joking about Cinderella hiding and pushing things off of tables.

Turkish Angoras were featured in the December 2003 issue of Cat Fancy  magazine. Cinderella's breeder Terry Smith of  Pamukkale Cattery was one of the breeders featured. Terry has since stopped breeding.    

Sir Clancy (moved in Nov. 4, 2002, passed over to Rainbow Bridge August 2004 from dry FIP)
He was climbing up the sides and across the inside top of the cat condo at Petsmart. He was just too cute and funny not to take home.

Prince Aragorn   (moved in August 28, 2003, passed over to Rainbow Bridge July 2006 from FIP)
 I went to a CFA show in Deland, FL and saw this little guy. I had  gone to 'check out' Siberians, but hadn't planned on getting one that day. They say the cat chooses you and Aragorn choose me that day. I paid         the deposit and arranged to get him in a few days. The breeder, Lynda Nelson of Kravchenko Siberians, practices early spay/neuter and doesn't place a kitten as a pet without having it altered. A VERY GOOD practice in my opinion. I drove to Port Orange, about 60 miles away, to pick him up. He was purring when Lynda brought him into her husband's office, the pick-up point. I took him out of the carrier and he gave me 'kisses'.  He did  complain for most of the hour ride back to Orlando. I stopped at Petsmart on the way home. I took him in and let him out of the carrier after putting a leash on him. He was very good and stayed in the cart.  We checked out the fish and picked up a couple things. I put him in my 'TV' room so he won't be overwhelmed by the other cats. I left him alone for about 45 minutes and then went in. He is a major PURR MACHINE. He immediately came to me and we played a bit. Then I started watching some TV. He got on my lap when I sat down and started licking my hands, and nose. I trimmed his claws and while he was gently trying to pull them away from me he was licking my fingers and purring.   Afterward he slept on my lap for about an hour, Then I had to leave the room. A few days later I let him out into the house and he made himself right at home. That evening he napped for an hour in the crook of my arm while I watched TV in the bedroom surrounded by other cats.

I should have figured that since his ancestors are from Russia Aragorn's favorite game is hockey. Let me explain. I drink Propel brand water and the tops have about a 1 1/4" diameter and aren't too high. When I go in the fridge for one he eyes me and jumps up on the counter. I then take off the cap and he takes it from my hand and jumps down and begins playing hockey with it. All the floors in the house are tile or wood so he goes EVERYWHERE with it till it gets lost under the couch or somewhere else he can't retrieve it from. I         have used the tops as toys for the other cats, but none of them are so happy to get it. I had two foster kittens in the house for about two weeks and he showed them how to play hockey too.

About Siberians:  As the name implies they originally came from Siberia and were imported from Russia originally. They are  similar to our Maine Coons in general appearance. One unusual feature is they lack the protein in their saliva that most people are allergic to so many people can live with Siberians that can't have other cats. My brother, who is allergic to cats, has three Siberians.  

Princess Rhiannon (born February 6,2004, Arrived May 8,2004) ACFA Supreme Grand Champion
Princess Rhiannon is a Bengal from Adventure Beach Bengals (no longer breeding). I saw their cats and talked at length to           them at a cat show. I picked them because they have the kittens interact with children and other animals to socialize them. Read about Bengals at The International Bengal Cat Society.

When talking to Debbie from Adventure Beach Bengals I had told her I needed a kitten that was outgoing and sure of herself. I didn't want her to be intimidated by the other cats and foster cats in the house. When Rhiannon arrived I kept her in isolation in the home theater room. When I started introducing her to the other cats she growled and 'yelled' at them so they would know she was not to be messed with. She also decided her place was on 'daddy' most of the time. Pity the poor cat that tried to share. She promptly told them           'he is my daddy, get your own!' Initially she growled while eating to keep the others away from her bowl. After a while she got used to them being around. After a month she started letting Merlin, Aragorn and Minoo groom her and share a food bowl. Now she happily allows Merlin to reach out and grab her as she passes for a grooming session.

For some reason Minoo gave Rhiannon special consideration. Every other cat, resident or house guest, is swatted if they try to eat out of the bowl when Minoo is eating. Not Rhiannon. Minoo moves over and let her in.

The Kittens Arrive: After Rhiannon had been lose in the house for about six weeks I took in  four nine week old kittens as fosters. After testing for FIV/FeLV and quarantine I let them out into the house. Rhiannon had to 'explain' to them she was 'big and tough' and not to be trifled with. After about a week she was playing with them.

Rhiannon   f   Welsh, Welsh Mythology
Pronounced: hri-AN-awn (Welsh), ree-AN-un (English), REE-an-un (English)
Derived from Old Celtic Rigantona meaning "great queen". I didn't realize how appropriate the name would be. In Welsh mythology Rhiannon was the goddess of fertility and the moon. his name is also borne by a princess in Welsh legends, the wife of Pwyll. She prefers the re-AN-un pronunciation.

Sir Mile Pendragon, The Silver Knight (Le Chevalier Argent*) (Moved in 6/27/04).
The Queen's Champion and ACFA Supreme Roll Of Honor House Hold Pet.
Miles 'sneaked' into the household. One of the other members of my rescue group was going on vacation and needed someone to watch her kittens. I volunteered. She brought them over and in the group was one named Michael. I had been wanting a silver tabby male for a while, however I wanted a longhair. I lived with him and his litter mates for a little over a week before taking them up for adoption. I found myself hoping he wouldn't be adopted. At the end of the day I took him and his two brothers home. His sister was adopted. The next day I took his brothers back up to be adopted and they were. Michael was 'safe' at home. I told the foster I was going to evaluate him and how he mixed with my clan. As I expected he fit right in. I wanted a new name for him and Miles was the name of the hero in a favorite old movie of mine, The Black Shield Of Falsworth.  The name fit him too. In the movie Miles is a good hearted young man who is always getting into mischief. He later becomes a knight and saves the day. My Miles is a rough and tumble kitten who gets lots of time-outs for getting into things he isn't supposed to. He also likes to be held and cuddles at night.

In Arthurian legend, Pendragon was King Arthur's family name. Miles traces his ancestry to Cadeyrn, a cat that lived at Camelot and was a favorite of Queen Guinevere and her Ladies In Waiting. One day Cadeyrn saved the queen from a vicious and large rat twice his size. For his bravery King Arthur knighted Cadeyrn and gave him his own last name, Pendragon, to show he was considered part of the royal family. (In the finest traditions of royal families, if you don't have the background you want, just make it up). 

From stray to SHOW CAT!. I entered Miles in an ACFA cat show as a House Hold Pet. Miles now holds the title of Supreme Roll Of Honor House Hold Pet.
* French was often used in Chivalry.

Sir Bailey O'Brian (Moved in August 23, 2004; passed over to Rainbow Bridge January 2013)
The Saturday after my Clancy went to the Rainbow Bridge someone brought in Bailey to one my group's adoption events. He had scabies and had to be quarantined for two weeks while being treated. At first I said he would be a foster and named him Colorado. After he was in the house I kept calling him Clancy because he looked so similar. He gave me kisses and cuddled. I decided Clancy's spirit had guided the people to my group knowing I would fall in love with him.  

Finnegan Snowstorm (Arrived May 18, 2005, passed over to Rainbow Bridge June 24, 2005 from Panleukapenia )
The brightest stars burn out too soon. Finnegan was a Seal Lynx Point Snow Marble Bengal. He was from         Adventure Beach Bengals. Finnegan had been fully vaccinated, but vaccines aren't 100% effective. I believe he contracted it when at the vet being neutered.  

Alastar Snowstorm, Storm to his friends (Arrived September 2, 2005) ACFA Supreme Grand Champion.
Storm was born May 3, 2005 at Adventure Beach Bengals. I picked him up on September 2, 2005 at the ACFA show in Louisville, KY where he made his show premier as a kitten.  He is a Seal Mink Snow Marble Bengal.  He is very sweet and likes to snuggle at night and play hard. After the weekend I decided to call him Storm for short. He came into the hotel room ready to play chase and pounce with Miles, who was also at the show. He also took the crowd by storm when they saw him in the show hall.  He is also from Adventure Beach Bengals. Alastar is Irish for Alexander.

Storm has a  new behavior. He comes and flops down in front of the monitor when I'm on the computer. He then stretches out his neck so I can kiss under his chin and neck. He also wants his tummy kissed. He purrs and 'kneads' in the air. If he would only do that for the judges at the shows!

Maverick Spirit (Arrived July 20, 2007; passed over to Rainbow Bridge August 2008 from FIP) ACFA Grand Champion.
He is named after the character Brett Maverick portrayed by James Gardner in the Maverick TV series (1958-1962) and Mel Gibson in the movie Maverick. He loves people and goes to them as soon as they go into the room he is in. He is a great show cat since he thinks the whole process is to get him petted by lots of people.

Windrifter Hadrian Oberon, Who to his friends (Arrived July 25, 2008, passed over to Rainbow Bridge June 2010 from heart problem; HCM)
Who is a Silver McTabby Siberian cat. My niece Marci wanted a cat she could show. My brother being allergic to breeds other then Siberian said OK if he got to name it and it was a Siberian. So Marci saved her birthday money, allowance and traded desserts when they ate out on weekends for $5. She save up $500 toward his price. My brother likes word games and was delighted when the cattery name he came from began with a 'W'. He worked hard to come up with a name where the initials would spell Who, relating to the Abbott and Costello Who's on First skit. Who was born on April 18, 2008 and when he arrived at a little over 4 months old he already weighed 6.5 lbs and had huge paws. He is very sweet and has a big purr. Marci argued that since she paid for half, Who should be able to live upstairs with their other two Siberian, Belarus and Blaise. He is from Windrifter Siberians in Minnesota.  

MacEnvi Standing Ovation, Mac to his friends (Arrived August 26, 2012) ACFA Supreme Grand Champion and TICA Quad Grand Champion
Mac was born July 28, 2010 at Scotland at MacEnvi Bengals. He was brought into the U.S. by Christina of Bahiya Bengals for their breeding program where he was called Bravo. When I saw him I immediately got on the waiting list for one of his kittens. Sadly, something is genetically wrong with him that causes about half of his kittens to have neurological problems and need to be euthanized. This happened with three litters from different mothers.  Christina, being an ethical breeder,  chose to neuter him rather than accept the loss of half the kittens. She contacted me and asked if I wanted him and I said yes!. I picked him up on August 26, 2012 in Atlanta and brought him to the ACFA show in Louisville, KY the next weekend where he made his show debut in ACFA.  He is a Brown Marble Bengal.  He is very sweet and likes to snuggle at night and play hard.